Sr. Jacqueline Provencher

Sister Jacqueline Provencher was born in Lewiston, Maine, on February 15, 1943.  Her parents were Emile and Adrienne Provencher and the family lived on Albert Street.  Along with her two brothers, she attended Holy Cross School and then St. Dominic’s High School. Her brother, Donald, now lives in Virginia and her brother Roland, also from Virginia, recently died of brain cancer.
Upon her graduation from St. Dominic’s in 1961, sister joined the Dominican Sisters.  Her religious formation years included a year at St. Dominic’s Institute in Brookline, Massachusets and five years at St. Dominic’s Institute in Rome, Italy.  She made her first profession in Rome.  She then returned to Brookline where she made her final profession in 1969. Sister graduated with a BA in Comparative Literature in 1972 from the University of Massachusetts.  She went on to Aquinas Institute for an MA in Systematic Theology.
Sister was a teacher for over 40 years.  The schools where she taught include : St. Dominic’s Institute in Brookline, Massachusetts and Rome, Italy ; St. Rita’s in Staten Island, New York ; John F Kennedy School and Assumption High School in Davenport, Iowa ; Regina Junior and Senior High School in Iowa City, Iowa. While she studied and/or taught, she was also active in some internal ministries  for her community as formation director, local prioress, provincial councilor and  provincial prioress.  From 1999 to 2011, she worked for her congregation in Rome, Italy, first as a general councilor and then as general prioress.
At the end of her term as general prioress, Sister Jacqueline was assigned to the US Province and became part of the Sabattus community.  She is presently prioress of the community and active in its Loaves and Fishes ministry as needed.  Since her retirement, sisters has been able to include meditation, walking and exercise in her daily routine. She also enjoys reading, especially on topics related to the Bible, theology, literature and mystery novels ; she likes to prepare liturgies, play cards, eat out with friends, do needle work and sewing, interior decorating and organizing materials for the Loaves and Fishes garage sales.