Winner of the Month April  2021
#152 Michael & Pauline Morin, Limerick, Me



Drawings  take place on the 2nd weekend of the month.

March winner  #28  Claudette Tremblay,  Lewiston, ME
April winner     #38   Nancy Wilson, Davenport, IA 
May winner     #146  Donnie D'Auteuil, Lewiston, Me
June winner    #41    Pauline Morin, Limerick, Me.
July  winner     #10    Frank Mullane, Staten Island, NY
August winner  #7      Hope Hughes, Lewiston, Me
September       #208   Christina Edwards, Lewiston
October           #102    Dolores Peirce, Auburn
 Nov.                #184    Mary Liss, staten Island, NY
 Dec,                #176    Frankie Curtis, sabattus, Me
 Jan,                 #15      Crystal Pellerin, Auburn, Me.
 Feb.                 #65      Donna Neagle, Lisbon Falls, Me.


March            291       Dawn Rossi, Litchfield
April              152        Michael & Pauline Morin, Limerick


Please click this link for an archive of our previous winners.

The fundraiser is limited to 300 participants. To ensure that the fundraiser always has 300 participants, there is a standby list of those who express interest in joining if any of our current members have to leave the program..

Part of this fundraiser is a monetary prize of $1,000.00 which is awarded each month to a random member.

We wholeheartedly thank our members who have been faithful throughout the years, and we extend our gratitude to those of you who will join in the future. We ask God to bless you and your loved ones.